CONIEX, S.A. Refoundation Project

At CONIEX, S.A. we are in the process of re-foundation!

The company’s modernisation strategy was already being designed in 2019 although it was interrupted by Covid-19. We have called it the “Refoundation Project” as we wish to redefine the company’s aims and, in addition, undertake the generational replacement of the founding partners.

At the beginning of 2021, the new General Manager Josep Vilella Freixas joined our team with the aim of leading the change and the new challenges.

In addition to the generational change, the main objectives include the professionalisation of the company’s positions, the internationalisation of all product lines and the commitment to digitisation, whilst remaining faithful to our values ​​and desire for growth.

Along with these challenges, there is that of promoting the return of the strong investments made in R&D&i over recent years and which allow us to have innovative and disruptive processes and products in our target markets.

Our subsidiary SiOCAST, S.L. was founded as a result of this R+D+i, and is already operating in international markets. There is also our ABRAST Business Unit, with which we have been founding partners of the IAM3D HUB. We are especially focused on the post-processes of the surface finishing of parts manufactured by 3D additive manufacturing. This is a new sector with an important future.

In addition to the announced changes, we are working with a branding company to change the overall image and logo of the company in order to also modernise the message to be transmitted, the website itself, and its contents.

This strategy is also based on close ties of collaboration and partnership with our strategic suppliers who accompany us on this adventure, each one a technological leader in their sector and specialty.

At CONIEX, S.A. we are undertaking this renewal process based on our own history which, over the past 35 years, has allowed us to consolidate as a leading company in technological solutions in the sectors in which we operate.

As is to be expected, we are working on a new global Marketing Plan that will mean an important strategic change with the improvement of our presence on social networks, with news and messages that will give us greater visibility and will undoubtedly be of assistance to all users of machinery, processes, products and services in our sectors.

This spirit is also present in our subsidiaries CONIEX PORTUGAL and CONIEX MEXICO.

We will keep you informed of all the new projects we are working on which, without a doubt, will be seen by our esteemed collaborators as positive news.