Abrast the alliance for comprehensive AM post-processing solutions

As additive manufacturing applications expand from prototyping to mass production, post-processing gains in importance and becomes a critical step in the value chain.
If we compare the highly innovative and fast-growing AM industry to a race, post-processing and finishing of AM parts would be the final step before reaching the finish line. Very often the value of the pieces is untapped at this stage and can determine the success or failure of all the previous steps.
Abrast is born to help you reach your goal, with confidence, revealing the real value of your pieces. This is done through
joint effort of a Group of Companies, each one of those experts in different post-processing technologies for more than 40 years, which allow Abrast to capitalize and provide solid Comprehensive Post-processing Solutions.

additive manufacturing technologies

Founding member of IAM3DHUB

The IAM3DHUB is a unique Digital Innovation Center strategically located in Barcelona with the aim of accelerating the adoption of additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies in European industry as an alternative way to design, develop and manufacture new competitive products and services. Abrast’s commitment and alignment with the IAM3DHUB mission from the earliest stages plays a key role in understanding the needs of the market and continuing to provide advice and state-of-the-art technical solutions to the market. With fully-fledged labs and testing facilities, the IAM3DHUB and Abrast are available to help you get to the finish line.

post-processing steps

The parts that come out of the printers rarely meet or satisfy the demands of the end customer. Surface cleaning and preparation for further finishing operations are essential. Getting accurate, consistent, and profitable results during these stages is key.

What are the bottlenecks for mass production?

Post-processing is currently one of the main bottlenecks in expanding AM into mass production.
ABRAST begins in order to finish your 3D printed work.

AM, post-processing needs and challenges

Initially developed in the 1980s, AM has recently experienced an explosion of interest in various quarters. Short-term applications for AM include clothing, medicine and biomedical technology, large-scale construction, electronics, computers, and food, among many other products.
Today, we are entering a new era of digital manufacturing and the need for better, faster and more efficient post-processing solutions has become a must for anyone entering or working in production environments.

Air blasting

The operating principle of the air jet consists of projecting or shooting an abrasive medium against the pieces. The choice of the appropriate abrasive and process conditions, taking into account the finish requirements of the target surface, is of utmost importance.


Turning, also called “rotary vibration” or “vibration”, is the mechanical process that consists of immersing the pieces in a container with selected abrasive media to polish them and give them the desired finish.
The main advantages are: a controlled reduction in surface roughness and an improvement in touch and aesthetics.

Abrast half shot

Abrast Media Shot is a unique process that combines 3 steps in 1, cleaning, coating and finishing the pieces, finally avoiding dyeing.

The process can process a complete MJF print job in 5 minutes.

Systems for additive manufacturing post-processes