There are additives for our product range ESMALTEX that help improve its application; these additives are:

  • POLYMERIC DILUENT : It is a reactive diluent (not solvent) that when added up to 10% on the resin (not the mixture) lowers its viscosity. Especially used in winter when the low ambient temperature causes an increase in the viscosity of the enamel. Keep in mind not to abuse it as it reduces the mechanical properties. Being reactive, the proportional part of the catalyst must also be added. Example: 10 grams of colorless 1001 + 1 gram of polymeric diluent with 5.5 grams of catalyst N.
  • OL ADDITIVE: When mixing an opaque color with a large amount of white, sometimes the white pigment separates making clear water, this additive minimizes them.
  • EXSOLES: Additives to color Colorless Enamel 1001 obtaining transparent colors or to intensify their hue.
  • EPOXY DYES: Additive/pigment to color Colorless Enamel 1001 obtaining opaque colors.
  • LUMINEX ADDITIVE : It is a very fine particle product and, in combination with the INCOLORO ESMALTEX in a certain quantity (10-25 parts of LUMINEX over 100 parts of INCOLORO), we obtain a Luminescent/Phosphorescent enamel. If we subject this luminescent enamel (already applied and polymerized) to a certain light source, in its absence, it will emit light for a prolonged period of time. The time and intensity will depend on the amount of light received, giving very high luminescence peaks in the first 10 minutes and the emission gradually decaying.
  • ESMALTEX PERLA NACAR 10.001: Adding the desired amount of ESMALTEX PERLA NACAR 10.001 to any TRANSPARENT ESMALTEX, we will obtain Pearly colors (Color with pearl effect simulating its “waters”) and Iridescent ( Color with reflections or pearl shine).




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