Additives for epoxy resin

Elegant and high quality enameling effects

We supply a varied catalog of additives, which are specially designed to add a wide variety of effects to the enamels produced with our epoxy resins. Our additives allow the addition of colors, illumination, fluorescence, pearlescent or iridescent shades, etc. We also offer additives to optimize the quality of the glazes.

At Coniex we offer a wide variety of additives that facilitate the creation of a great diversity of visual effects in glazes.

Some of the most outstanding effects that can be obtained thanks to our additives for epoxy enamels are:

  • Lighting
  • Fluorescence
  • Fancy or glitter
  • Pearlized
  • Iridescent

The following are the additives supplied by Coniex and their function.

Polymeric diluent

It is a reactive thinner (not a solvent) that reduces the viscosity of the resin when applied over it. The amount of polymeric thinner should always be 10% of the amount of epoxy enamel. It is important to note that the thinner must be applied on the resin and not on the mixture.

The polymeric thinner is used more frequently in winter, when the low ambient temperature causes an increase in the viscosity of the enamel.

Although it is a very useful product, since it reduces the viscosity of the resin, it should be used with care and not be used excessively, since it reduces the mechanical properties and can compromise the final quality of the glaze.

When making the final mixture, it must be taken into account that the polymeric diluent is a reactive additive, so its weight must be added to that of the glaze before calculating the amount of catalyst to be used.

For example, if we have a mixture that includes 10 grams of colorless enamel 1001 and 1 gram of polymeric diluent (10% of the amount of enamel) is added, the total weight on which the amount of catalyst is to be calculated is 11 grams. Since the amount of catalyst must always be half the sum of the enamel and the diluent, the result obtained would be 5 grams.

Amount of enamel: 10 grams.

Amount of thinner (10% of the enamel): 1 gram.

Amount of catalyst: (10+1)/5 = 5.5 grams

O.L. Additive

In the creation of glazes, it is common to mix different colorations. One of the possible mixtures is that of opaque color together with a large amount of white.

When this type of mixing is carried out, the white pigment may separate, producing clear water. This is an unusual phenomenon, but it cannot be ruled out in some specific cases.

The O.L. additive has the function of minimizing the amount of clear water produced and minimizing the amount of white pigment separated, so it is an additive to consider if these two colors are used.


Exsoles are additives whose function is to provide color to our epoxy resin line Esmaltex Incoloro 1001.

Thanks to its use, it is possible to obtain colored enamels that maintain the transparency of the enamel. They can also be used to intensify the hue of these transparent colors.

Epoxy dyes

These additives are pigments and dyes that are added to our Esmaltex Incoloro 1001 line of epoxy resins to obtain customized colors, both in opaque and transparent colors. Learn more about our epoxy colorants

Luminex additive

Luminex additive is a very fine particle size product that is combined with our colorless Esmaltex epoxy resin line to obtain an enamel with a luminescent and fluorescent effect.

The Luminex additive has to be mixed with our enamel in a specific proportion, which is 10-25 parts of Luminex to 100 parts of colorless Esmaltex. This mixture of enamel and additive will influence the amount of catalyst to be added later in the mixture.

When this luminescent enamel, already applied and polymerized, is subjected to a certain light source, the enamel will emit light for a prolonged period of time, even in the absence of light. The time and intensity of the fluorescent effect will depend on the amount of light received in the enamel, giving very high luminescence peaks during the first 10 minutes and gradually decreasing the light emission from that moment on.

Nacar pearl enameltex 10.001

NACAR PEARL 10.001 additives have been designed to obtain pearl colors (color with pearl effect simulating its “waters”) and iridescent colors (color with pearl reflections or luster) to the enamels produced with our epoxy resins transparent enamels.

In addition to the additives supplied by Coniex, other additives, particles, or parts can be found on the market that can also be mixed with our enamels, so the creative and design possibilities for the parts produced are practically unlimited.

Thanks to the fusion of our additives, as well as others on the market, Coniex epoxy enamels can be used to obtain a wide range of effects for different creations.

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