After sales

Gain a competitive advantage with Coniex.

Coniex has an official technical service team, with national coverage, approved by our manufacturers and suppliers, which provides a comprehensive service and the best after-sales service to our customers.

For this reason, Coniex has created an exclusive SAT service center that manages your needs through the telephone numberor 93 864 84 89, or the email .

    • spare parts
      Coniex has original spare parts for the installations carried out, which guarantee the correct operation and a long useful life of the production equipment.
    • Scheduled Visitation Agreements
      Due to the needs of our customers to always have the machinery at an optimum level of reliability and productive capacity, Coniex makes Scheduled Visit Agreements available to them. Each agreement is specifically designed based on the characteristics of the process and the associated machinery. Through scheduled visits by our qualified staff and the use of original spare parts, the customer has the peace of mind of having their equipment controlled and monitored by the Coniex team.
    • Reconditioning of machinery

At Coniex we can recondition used machinery, providing the customer with a very economical option compared to buying a new machine.