Supply of zamak ingots

Complete range of zamak alloys for centrifugal casting

We supply zamak ingots for the production of parts in a wide variety of industries and applications. Our zamak alloys offer exceptional and unique properties in the market for the manufacture of parts by centrifugal casting of zamak in silicone molds.

pallet zamak

At Coniex we have more than 30 years of experience in the development and improvement of zamak alloys for their application in the manufacture of parts by centrifugal casting.

Our zamak alloys, which are supplied in packs of ingots, offer high mechanical strength and excellent adaptability to any type of shape, as well as great efficiency in machining processes and above all a high quality surface finish.

The application of our zamak alloys by centrifugation allows the rapid manufacture of pieces of high precision and resistance, facilitating the desired finishes and surface treatments in a wide variety of sectors such as jewelry, costume jewelry, accessories, buckles, buttons, key rings, advertising items, accessories for bags, decoration, miniatures, construction, electricity and a long etcetera.

Our zamak ingots offer excellent characteristics for their centrifugation in silicone molds, since they are manufactured and produced exclusively with pure electrolytic zinc developed under the DIN 1774 Zinc standard.

These are the main characteristics of our zamak alloys from zinc:

High strength and hardness.
Excellent thermal conductivity.
Minimal raw material cost
High dimensional accuracy and stability
Excellent wall thickness possibilities
High quality finish
Outstanding corrosion resistance


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Zinc Standard DIN 1774

Manufacture of all types of parts.

Very high fluency

Special for Zamak jewelry

Melting Temperature 380-390ºC

Optimum Working Temperature 405-430ºC

Density 6,6 g/cm3

Contraction 0.7%.

1 ingot = 7.5 kg



Zinc Standard DIN 1774

Specific manufacturing of quality parts

High fluency

Special for thick and flat parts

Melting Temperature 380-390ºC

Optimum Working Temperature 405-430ºC

Density 6.7 g/cm3

Contraction 0.6%.

1 ingot = 7.5 kg

Pioneers and leaders in high quality zamak manufacturing

Coniex is the supplier of zamak ingots to the world’s leading foundries. Thanks to the constant collaboration with our customers, we have succeeded in developing the most efficient zamak alloys on the market and can guarantee the highest levels of quality and productivity for our customers.

Today, the zamak alloys developed by Coniex are the industry standard. Thanks to our investment in R+D+i, we have managed to overcome all the problems that occurred in the past, when it was not possible to cast zamak in rubber or silicone molds, which caused the parts to be unfilled, pores, shrinkage, etc.

It is essential to have a reliable supplier, since poor quality zamak can cause irreversible problems in the production process of a company and, therefore, in its profit and loss account.

These are the main problems of low-quality zamak:

Black traces on parts
Incomplete filling
Low productivity
Air bubbles

At Coniex we are committed to offer the best zamak ingots and the best zamak silicone molds to all our customers.

Properties and advantages of zamak

Cast zamak has proven to be the ideal material for the production of high quality and resistant parts, regardless of their complexity. This is due to the excellent properties of zinc, as well as its other components, aluminum and copper, which provide hardness and castability respectively.

Thanks to its many advantages, zamak is one of the most popular materials for the manufacture of parts with high strength and high demands, both aesthetically and in terms of precision.

The manufacture of zamak parts by centrifugal casting has numerous advantages.

Reduction of production times
Reduced production costs
Parts made of zamak have a better finish than parts made of other materials, such as aluminum.
The manufacture of parts by centrifugal casting in Zamak allows for varied production volumes with high quality.
Zamak centrifugal casting cycles are faster and more versatile.
Zamak melts at around 400-420ºC, thus requiring less energy consumption for its transformation.
Parts made of zamak have a higher quality and better results of the surface treatments subsequently applied to the parts (painting, chrome plating and zinc plating).
Zamak centrifugal casting for the manufacture of parts facilitates the reproduction of part details.
Savings in machining.

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