ESMALTEX: The CONIEX range without Bisphenol A

From CONIEX we want to show our commitment to health and the environment, that is why our enamels (epoxy resins) are the only ones in the market 100% Bisphenol A free.

After more than two years of testing and trials in our R&D laboratory, we were able to develop resins free of this component.

In addition, thanks to these tests, we have obtained enamels with improved properties:

  • Unlike other epoxy resins, they do not yellow with age or exposure to light.
  • Viscosity adjusted to make them easier to handle and work with.
  • High hardness and resistance.

What is BPA and where can we find it?

Bisphenol A is a component used, among other uses, as an intermediate in the production of polycarbonates and epoxy resins. BPA can be found in a multitude of products that we use on a daily basis, including packaging and containers intended to be in contact with food and beverages such as bottles, cutlery and plates.

Among its health effects, those related to reproduction and endocrine disruption stand out.
health effects
Among its health effects, those related to reproduction and endocrine system imbalance stand out, but it also increases the probability of suffering from type 2 diabetes and cancer. Their toxicity has consequences for both humans and animals, as we must remember that most of our waste ends up in the seas and rivers.


The European Court of Justice, in a
ruling handed down on July 11, 2019, has confirmed that Bisphenol A is classified as “toxic”.

One of the objectives of the CJEU with this judgment is to ensure that manufacturers inform consumers that this component is present in their products so that they can be aware of the risks and hazards The risk of exposure is usually through ingestion, although there is also a risk of inhalation and dermal exposure.

With all the
CONIEX products, together with the various catalysts, can be used to decorate any piece or surface, whether it is flat, without edges or requires greater flexibility, such as advertising labels.

In addition, at CONIEX, always complying with current regulations, ESMALTEX is marketed in homologated and totally safe containers for transportation.

Our cold enamels are manufactured in CONIEX facilities following an exhaustive quality control in our laboratory. The ESMALTEX range consists of a variety of more than 90 colors, including opaque, transparent and fluorescent. Having our own laboratory allows us to offer the possibility of creating customized colors to meet all the needs of our customers.

Our glazes stand out for their high final gloss. They have a high hardness and resist very well to impacts and abrasions. They are 100% stable to light and other external agents.