Blasting cabinets

CONIEX develops and installs customized blasting cabinets for the surface finishing of medium and large structures, from the preliminary study of the application to the construction and commissioning of the installations.

The blasting cabinet has its application when we need to treat structures of medium or large dimensions. It is done in a controlled way, it has a shot blasting cleaning system, as well as an ecological system to avoid performing this work in open with the problems generated, such as pollution and dependence on the weather, without losing sight of the fact that by using a system that collects and selects the abrasive allows the use of better abrasives, producing even a significant reduction in the cost of the process.


A blasting cabinet consists of a cabin, which serves as a container. This cabin can be made in various shapes and materials, although the most commonly used are a steel structure and a sandwich panel enclosure that performs an extra function of lowering the noise level.

Protection and illumination

This cabin is provided with an internal antiabrasive rubber coating that serves as protection, and lighting with specific lamps capable of withstanding direct impacts of abrasive blast and performing a specific lighting at a meter and a half from the ground, a point of major importance for a good vision of the operator.

Management of generated dust

Likewise, the blasting cabin is equipped with a filtering system and connecting pipes between the cabin and the filter, which is able to collect the dust generated by the blasting process and to manage it before sending it into the atmosphere, without exceeding the limits established by the current laws.

Blast cleaning

Another essential element is the abrasive recovery, cleaning and selection system. For this purpose, either partially or totally, the installation is equipped with a system of swing collectors placed underneath the trames where the operators are and direct the abrasive to a bucket elevator, which is in charge of taking the abrasive to the upper part of the installation and there, by means of a system of screens and cascades, cleaning the impurities from the abrasive, as well as discarding the abrasive particles that due to their shape or size are not valid for correct shot blasting.

Blast media storage

Once the abrasive is cleaned, it goes to a storage tank and from there, by means of the nozzles, the abrasive goes to the sandblasting machine or to the various sandblasting machines that are installed depending on whether one or more operators are working.

Finally, the installation is equipped with an electrical control and safety control panel in compliance with current standards.