Manual sandblasting cabin

Manual blasting cabinets for finishing parts

We supply booths for manual blasting of parts. We offer a wide variety of equipment for different production volumes and blasting intensity, allowing us to meet the needs and objectives of any sector or application. Contact us to find out which is the most suitable blasting cabinet for your company and get a customized proposal.

Our manual blasting booths are designed to obtain high quality surface treatments and meet the specific finishing needs of our customers: deburring, preparation for coatings, paint or rust removal, roughness enhancement, etc.

We offer a range of manual sandblasting cabinets with standardized features that allow us to meet the needs and objectives of the vast majority of processes, applications and sectors. In addition, our manual sandblasters offer great versatility in design to suit the needs of customers with special requirements.

They are compact and functional machines, ideal for discontinuous use with high performance and efficiency, which can be adapted to the specific needs of each case. Thanks to its limited size, a manual blast cabinet is ideal for optimizing space in industrial installations. In addition, its simple “plug & play” installation allows for immediate use.

There are three elements that are essential in any manual blasting cabinet:

  • Quality and robustness of the construction, so that no leakage to the outside of the cabin occurs.
  • Optimized operability and productivity to get the most out of the cab.
  • Adequate visibility, with the correct lighting and free of dust, that remains stable during the entire time the operator is working.


Blasting equipment uses compressed air to project the blasting abrasives directly onto the component through a blasting gun. They are clean, safe and well illuminated to guarantee the best results and maximum ease of use for operators.

We have both models equipped with suction or suction guns (venturi) and pressure guns, depending on the surface to be treated. The pressurized system provides a coverage rate up to 5 times higher than the suction system, making it suitable for large surfaces. The suction system offers good performance in the manual processing of small and medium-sized parts.

They have an abrasive recovery system that helps to reduce abrasive consumption, while ensuring that the abrasive is always in the ideal operating condition.

They also have a cartridge filtration system that prevents the emission of dust to the outside of the cabin. The absence of dust on the outside ensures that a healthy working environment and a good view for the operator is maintained.

This visibility is maximized by the use of two LED lamps that provide bright, clear light that perfectly illuminates the cabin interior.

CONIEX manual blast cabinets can also be adapted to work automatically with small parts by using a rotating basket. Alternatively, they can be equipped with removable roller and plate tables for easy handling and loading and unloading of parts.

Once the parts to be treated have been introduced into the booth, the operator inserts his hands into protective gloves that allow him to handle the parts inside the booth. These gloves are included as standard in the manual blasting cabins and are the element that allows the parts to be cleaned manually. The operator can see inside the cab through a glass window at the front, just above the gloves.

The booth includes an on/off switch, which also controls an additional receptacle for the sandblast dust collector. Therefore, the operator controls the entire blasting machine by means of a switch located within easy reach.

Finally, the lid interfaces with an air shut-off safety valve. If the lid is open, the valve shuts off the air to the blast gun, reducing the risk of injury to the user.


Manual suction sandblasting booths

Manual suction blasting cabinets are suitable for applications that do not require a high continuous production. Its characteristics make it highly efficient in processes that require a high quality surface finish.

This type of blasting cabinets can work with a wide variety of abrasives in granular form, such as ceramic shot, plastic shot, steel shot, corundum, glass beads, etc.  The projection of the abrasive is produced by the venturi effect by means of a blasting gun.

We have manual suction blasting booths to satisfy different production volumes. From booths for low production to booths for more intensive production. The working capacity of the booth is mainly given by the air flow provided by the Venturi gun.

Manual pressure blasting booths

Manual pressure blast cabinets are suitable for higher production volumes than suction blast cabinets, as they offer higher process speed. In addition, they also allow for a more intense blasting capacity.

As with suction blasting machines, these machines can blast with a wide variety of abrasive grains: glass beads, white and brown corundum, metal shot, stainless steel shot, plastic shot, ceramic shot, etc.

The performance of these sandblasters is ideal for applications requiring a high quality surface finish and a high volume of work.

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