CASTEX Microfusion Silicones

CASTEX Microfusion Silicones of high resistance are specially designed for the manufacture of molds for Microfusion by the lost wax method, for jewelry and costume jewelry as well as for industrial applications in steel.

With our CASTEX Microfusion Silicone you will obtain copies that are more faithful to the original.

  • Surface finishing: A shiny surface on your molds will make you get better and brighter wax parts, with excellent results.
  • No need for release agent or talc: The high elasticity of CASTEX Microfusion Silicone allows easy and fast demolding.
  • High resistance to tearing: With CASTEX, you will be able to perform the more difficult cuts without any problem.
  • Ease of molding: Due to its low raw viscosity, it allows embedding the part and placing it in the mold by simply pressing with the fingers. This is a significant time saver.
  • Perfect state of preservation: The molds made with the
    CASTEX Microfusion Silicone will keep perfectly for many years.
  • Shrinkage: The shrinkage of CASTEX SM40/120 andSM43/120 is less than 1.5% , while the shrinkage of SM 45 and SM50 is around 2.8%.

Range of CASTEX® microfusion silicones

SM 40/100

  • Viscosity: Very Low
  • Hardness: 40 Sh
  • Elongation: >650
  • Tear resistance: Very High
  • Shrinkage L %: 1.4
  • Vulcanization Temperature 100ºC 212ºF

SM 40/120

  • Viscosity: Low
  • Hardness: 40 Sh
  • Elongation: High
  • Tear resistance: High
  • Shrinkage L %: 1.8
  • Vulcanization temperature 120ºC 248ºF

SM 43/120

  • Viscosity: Low
  • Final hardness: Low
  • Elongation: High
  • Tear resistance: High
  • Shrinkage L %: 1.6
  • Vulcanization Temperature 120ºC 248ºF


  • Viscosity: Low
  • Final hardness: Medium
  • Elongation: High
  • Tear resistance: High
  • Shrinkage L %: 2.6
  • Vulcanization temperature 160ºC 320ºF


  • Viscosity: Medium
  • Final hardness: High
  • Elongation: Medium
  • Tear resistance: High
  • Shrinkage L %: 2.3
  • Vulcanization temperature 160ºC 320ºF