The catalyst is the critical element depending on the intended application of the enamel. There is a catalyst for every application, but you have to know how to select it right from the start.

  • CATALYZER-N: The most widely used catalyst. Specially designed for flat parts with side edges.
  • CATALYZER-40: It is a SLOW catalyst, which reacts very slowly, so we have more working time in the same mixture. Special for long series of parts with small amount of enamel to be applied.
  • CATALYZER-CATNIVEL: A special catalyst for coating flat parts without side edges and for large surfaces. It is the catalyst indicated for application with ESMALTEX FLEXIBLES.
  • DOMINGFLEX B: Catalyst for label coating.
  • CATALYZER-TIXOMED: Catalyst with higher viscosity and thixotropy, making it ideal for parts with certain curvature.
  • CATALYZER-TIXOCAT: Very thixotropic catalyst for parts with a lot of curvature, including rings.


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