Vibration chemicals

Vibration of wetted parts

Chemical products for vibratory polishing processes are marketed under our range of products. CX. We offer a wide range of chemical products for vibration in different formats (liquid, paste, gel or powder), which guarantee an optimal result for each process of vibrating parts, both in open and closed cycle works.

All our chemical products for wet vibratory polishing processes offer the following characteristics:

  • Clear and shiny surfaces are obtained that can be subjected to any type of subsequent finishing, whether it is a galvanic bath, painting, varnish, etc.
  • They are specially designed to protect parts from rust and corrosion.
  • A rapid and complete removal of fats and oils from the pieces is achieved.
  • They have a high concentration of active product, thus achieving the best results with very low consumption.
  • All our CX products are biodegradable, not containing any substance with a high polluting component for the environment.

Within our range of products for vibration we can find:

Degreasing products

Thanks to the three-dimensional movement applied by the abrasive chips on the parts and the addition of a degreasing product, surfaces are completely clean of oils and drilling oils. For this type of process there is a wide range of products, each one used depending on the type of material:

Energetic degreasing for all types of metals, obtaining surfaces totally free of grease, oil and drilling oils.

Liquid product for the energetic degreasing of all types of metals, obtaining surfaces totally free of grease and drilling oils. This product incorporates a corrosion inhibitor that protects the parts during and after treatment.

Energetic degreasing for cleaning and passivation of iron and steel, can also be used in spray installations.

Degreasing, polishing and brightening of iron parts, obtaining clean and corrosion inhibited surfaces.

Deburring products

The combination of an abrasive and the three-dimensional force that a vibro is capable of generating produces the deburring phenomenon on the parts. Deburring eliminates production defects such as burrs, sharp edges and machining marks. The type of abrasive used for the vibration process can be either ceramic, polyester, urea or ECOS (dry vibration). The deburring process time is given according to the initial state of the part. The additive for the deburring process may be simply water in some cases or require the addition of a chemical product. Depending on the type of part and material, CONIEX has the following chemical products available to assist in deburring:

Low deburring and honing powder for plastic parts, obtaining fine and smooth surfaces. Very fine. It is used for the laser on button work so that no dust gets on the engraving.

Liquid product for the energetic degreasing of all types of metals, obtaining surfaces totally free of grease and drilling oils. This product incorporates a corrosion inhibitor that protects the parts during and after treatment.

Pickling and decalamination products

Calamine is a laminated oxide that adheres to the surface of steel and other ferrous substrates. Pickling is the removal of the calamine from metals that causes them to tarnish. Our products and processes are mainly oriented to the decalaminating of brass, although with a previous study we can pickle any type of material. For brass, CONIEX has the following products available:

Simultaneous decalaminating and polishing for brass and copper parts from hot stamping, obtaining clear and shiny surfaces. It can be used indistinctly with steel or abrasive balls.

Decalaminating of brass parts from hot stamping, obtaining particularly clear, semi-lucid and soft surfaces.

Polishing products

Depending on the type of material to be polished, CONIEX offers a wide range of products:

Liquid product. Used for polishing all types of metals obtaining highly shiny surfaces, in addition to passivate the pieces avoiding its subsequent oxidation.

Liquid product. Dedicated especially for polishing aluminum parts, although it is also suitable for other types of metals.

Used for polishing brass and copper parts from hot stamping.

Gel product for stainless steel, which allows to obtain highly shiny surfaces.

Polishing products and polishing pastes

Depending on the material to be refined, we will use one type of product or another:

Abrasive paste used for all types of ferrous, stainless and brass metals, leaving a smooth surface on the piece. It has a high abrasive power, so it cuts more and the process, in general, tends to be somewhat faster.

Abrasive paste suitable for all types of metals, stainless steel and brass, leaving a completely smooth surface. The abrasive power is somewhat lower than CX-37, but it leaves a better finish, so if we want to achieve a better finish, we will generally opt for this type of paste.

Passivation and corrosion inhibition products

Formulations specially designed to protect metals against oxidation and/or corrosion. In particular:

Neutral passivating agent for the protection of ferrous metals and can also be used in spray installations.

Liquid free of hexavalent chromium, nitrites, phosphates and silicates, designed to temporarily protect copper and its alloys, such as brass, against corrosion.

Antifoam products

Additives to prevent foaming in vibration processes or minimize its effects. Highlights:

Silicone based defoamer, for universal use.

Non-silicone defoamer for universal use with a powerful defoaming and defoaming action. Free of nonylphenols and nonylphenol ethoxylates.

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