Cold enameling machinery

We have a wide range of machinery and accessories for the application of enamel, both in industrial processes and enameling of pieces in large quantities, as well as in the application of small pieces.

Enamel dispensers

Specially designed to simplify the application of enamels, resins, etc., on objects with more or less complex shapes and patterns (e.g. costume jewelry, buckles, buttons, glass and also ceramic plates).

The dispensers can be equipped with a range of interchangeable syringes and needles for the most varied applications.

Enameling tables

The enameling tables have been designed according to ergonomic criteria to ensure maximum precision and at the same time high productivity.

Its heating plate heats the pieces which allows the glaze to be more fluid, facilitating the glazing of the same and avoiding the so hated air bubbles.

Enameling furnaces

They are very reliable furnaces, particularly designed to accelerate the polymerization of enameled parts, guaranteeing an excellent surface quality.


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