Comprehensive service

Design, machinery, product and after-sales service

We are a company oriented to the industrial, automotive, surgical, fashion and accessories, environmental and additive manufacturing (3D) sectors. Our company has a multidisciplinary character in its service and product activity, offering an integral solution in design, machinery, product and after-sales service.

Our successful trajectory gathers the experience of the Coniex Group and the impulse to face a new stage with the quality of work, agility in decision making and an unbeatable customer service as differential values.

We cover all stages

CONIEX installs, repairs and ensures the reliability of any machinery or integration we have installed. We plan and manage maintenance works through Scheduled Visit Agreements, we help you to improve and maintain the efficiency and regularity of your finishing systems.


We understand our customers' needs and provide the most efficient technical solutions for each project.


We develop our technical solutions adapting them to the particular needs of each client.


We build the best technical solutions adapting to the needs and deadlines.


Delivery of the installations with full guarantee of operation.

After Sales Service

We maintain the highest system efficiency throughout the life of the assets.