Conix Academy

Coniex, SA, since 1987 has been characterized by providing training courses to its customers and users of the technologies and facilities developed. These courses have allowed our clients to understand in depth the operation of Spin casting , its secrets and tricks to obtain immediate success in the application of the system and minimize casting losses.

Enamel formation

In enamel training we have three types of courses:

  • Basic course : Introduction to cold enamel techniques.
  • Advanced / Corrective course: Development of advanced enamel techniques in multiple fields and applications.
  • Specialization course : Courses defined according to the needs of the clients.

Spin casting training

In spin casting there are three types of courses:

  • Basic Course : Training in a first approach to the company’s technicians and engineers in the production of parts using this method.
  • Advanced / Corrective Course : Allows perfecting the industrial application of Spin casting and delving into advanced knowledge of casting for multiple fields and applications.
  • Specialization Course: For special applications other than those offered in the standard courses, called Basic and Advanced.