We analyze the advantages of surface processing by glass bead blasting as well as its most direct applications in the field ofsurface treatment industry.

Micro glass impact blasting increases the life of metal parts by inhibiting fatigue and stress cracks. The hammering action of the glass microspheres changes the internal tensile stresses to a uniform surface layer of compressive stress. This “skin” created by thepeening action reduces the tendency of the treated surface to develop stress cracks and stress corrosion cracking. Blasting allows engineers to design smaller, lighter components that offer equal performance to heavier, less efficient unprocessed parts.

The use of precision glass microspheres, together with appropriate process controls, ensures that the parts meet the established quality and design requirements.

Characteristics and benefits of CONIEX,S.A. glass micro-spheres:

Uniform particle size. A uniform grain size is the first step to ensure consistent and repeatable process results.

Uniform particle density. Solid glass microspheres ensure consistent results and low consumption rates.

Inert, environmentally pure material. The glass microsphere does not contaminate the work surface or the workpiece to be treated. The use of metallic abrasive media may cause ferrous contamination and require subsequent passivation of the surface.

High degree of roundness. Spherical particles ensure negligible base metal removal, thus preserving critical tolerances of precisioncomponents

Low and medium intensity blasting jobs can be achieved.


Blasting of turbine blades, gears, shafts, cutting tools and other precision parts to reduce size and increase resistance to fatigue, stress corrosion cracking and stress corrosion.

Protection of welded structures, pipes and joints from stress corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement.

Increase the lubricity level of machine parts such as piston heads and camshafts.

Hardening of vehicle exterior panels, propellers and hulls to reduce fatigue, stress corrosion and cracking.

Consult with our specialist blasting and shot blasting consultants for detailed information on the most suitable glass bead for your process needs, as well as the most cost-effective equipment for your application.