DRY Vibration

CONIEX, S.A. introduces dry vibration to the surface treatment market, a working system that represents a step forward with respect to existing solutions on the market and that has become in record time the reference for the immediate future of the sector.

Dry vibration is the revolution that allows companies to meet the goal of increasing productivity, simplifying processes and saving costs, results that have proven to be spectacular in all applied fields. In addition, the process represents a significant improvement in the surface quality of the parts in a shorter time and at lower cost.

With this technology, the waste generated during the vibration process is drastically reduced and the consumption of water and chemicals is completely eliminated, as well as costly purification and waste disposal processes.

Therefore, we invite you to learn more about this technology from CONIEX, your specialist in surface treatments.

For the dry vibration process, using ECOS abrasives (see vibration-abrasives-ECOS abrasives) a new installation is not always required, but it is sufficient to equip the existing vibro with a cover and a vacuum cleaner specially designed to collect the dust generated during the process.

This system allows the effective polishing, finishing and deburring of any type of material, metallic and non-metallic, and in particular, all metals that oxidize easily with water, such as iron, steel and zinc alloys, as well as brass and aluminum.

In addition, dry processes are used to obtain:

  • perfectly dry parts and, in the case of steel parts, ready for storage without the need for passivation.
  • total absence of mud.
  • the dust generated during the process is 10 times less than the amount of sludge produced during the wet vibration process.
  • reduction of polishing costs from 30% to 150%, depending on the parts treated.
  • drastic reduction of abrasive consumption compared to the wet process.
  • reduction of waste disposal costs.

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ECOS Vibration Abrasives

After 6 years of R+D+i, CONIEX, S.A. and its collaborators have developed the ECOS product line, abrasives for dry vibration treatment.

ECOS abrasives allow to obtain perfectly polished surfaces without the use of water or any other liquid, thus reducing the environmental impact and the relative working costs.

ECOS abrasives are available in different shapes such as conical, parabolic, drop, cylindrical, etc. and in various sizes from 12 to 60 mm.

There are also different types of grades depending on the required applications such as deburring, polishing and, in general, finishing of all types.

The elastic properties of the resin present in ECOS abrasives make it possible to obtain:

  • finished with a better roughness;
  • higher efficiency of the vibro as it allows an increase in the number of parts per cycle;
  • higher cutting efficiency and consequently shorter working cycles.


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