Eco abrasives

After 6 years of R+D+i, CONIEX, SA and its collaborators have developed the ECOS product line, abrasives for DRY vibration treatment.

ECOS abrasives allow to obtain perfectly polished surfaces without the use of water or any other liquid, thus reducing the environmental impact and the relative working costs.

ECOS abrasives are available in different shapes such as conical, parabolic, drop, cylindrical, etc. and in various sizes from 12 to 60 mm.

There are also different types of grades depending on the required applications such as deburring, polishing and, in general, finishing of all types.

The elastic properties of the resin present in ECOS abrasives make it possible to obtain:

  • finishes with better roughness
  • greater efficiency of the vibro as it allows an increase in the number of pieces per cycle
  • higher cutting efficiency and as a consequence, shorter work cycles