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The application of our enamel is easy and fast, but it does not require basic training and some application tips.

enameling courses
are aimed at users of our cold enamel, and in them doubts are solved and techniques of use are perfected.

What type of catalyst should I use? Why do some pieces of the same batch dry and others do not? How can I avoid those obnoxious air bubbles that form when I mix? These and other doubts are discussed and resolved during the course.

These courses are conducted by a training staff with more than 30 years of experience in cold enamels and their application, both theoretically and technically, and provide answers to any questions or queries that may arise.

It is interesting to practice in the course with the customer’s own pieces, those that are resistant or with which we have doubts about which product to choose or how we should glaze them. The personal experience and practice of the attendees contribute knowledge and value, generating synergies within the group.

Likewise, we learn new ESMALTEX applications such as: occlusions, resin parts, ring enameling, etc. allowing us to be more competitive and to follow the constantly changing fashion trends without problems.

The classroom, where the courses are given, is fully equipped with the necessary machinery and material for the execution of the course. The practical exercises are specially designed to deal with all enamel applications. Each student practices with the machinery and uses all the products discussed in the course, thus putting into practice the knowledge acquired.

At the end of the course, a Diploma is awarded.

Come and participate in our courses. Below, you can watch our video of
enameling course
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