When you have to deal with a high volume of work, it is important to have machinery that allows you to optimize time and processes, as well as to have products that ensure an optimal finish.

When the time comes to enamel, it is essential to work with a quality product such as Esmaltex, formulated and produced in CONIEX. With a wide variety of colors, our enamels provide high gloss finishes with a ceramic appearance. They have the ability to adhere to any surface, are non-porous and do not shrink upon drying.

Our enamels are marketed in 0.250kg, 0.500kg, 1kg, 5kg or 25kg containers and we also have a wide selection of accessories to offer a complete service. From syringes and needles to spatulas or trays.

To achieve an efficient industrial process, CONIEX has equipment that ensures high productivity. Firstly, for the dosing of the enamel or resin, we have three types of
enameling machine
with high precision dispenser and that reduce to the maximum the wastage.

– Manual dosing machine

– Semiautomatic manual dosing machine

– Anti-drip dosing machine

The use of a
enameling table
The use of a temperature table is important for an easier application, since the product remains fluid for a longer time and reduces glazing times, increasing productivity.

Finishing our enameling process by introducing the pieces in the oven will accelerate the polymerization of the Esmaltex and will also avoid

dust falling on the parts, keeping them in perfect condition. As for our ovens, we have a larger one, with a capacity for 12 trays and a power of 1110W.
As for our ovens, we have a larger one, with a capacity for 12 trays and a power of 1110W. For smaller productions, we have a smaller oven with capacity for 6 trays. Both ovens, due to their small size, are ideal for small workshops. We also offer accessories for the oven such as the support and trays, smooth or perforated.

To obtain an optimum result, it is important to be precise with the oven times and temperature, which vary according to the catalyst used for the glaze mixture. See our catalysts and gel times in the table that you can download below:Do not hesitate to contact our Technical Team to solve any question about our range of Esmaltex and enameling machinery.