Automated integrations

Process engineering is in charge of planning the surface finishing processes required by our customers, for their correct start-up and fulfillment of the planned objectives, thus obtaining maximum results. At CONIEX we have specialized professionals or engineers capable of improving existing processes, making them more effective and efficient. We are also in charge of finding solutions to the different challenges that may arise when developing a project. It is therefore very important that our process engineers have an in-depth knowledge of industrial surface finishing processes and the ability to immediately resolve obstacles, thus being able to optimize and improve our customers’ surface treatment processes.

Our experts, with more than 35 years of experience in the industrial sector, are able to provide customized solutions to processes such as shot peening, industrial satin finishing, controlled roughness, deburring, polishing, brightening, passivation, pickling, degreasing and many more.

Automated integrations

Automated integrations fully customized for our clients. We have a highly prepared team to approach any project from the collection of data necessary to assess the technical and economic feasibility of the project to the proposal to the client and the final execution of the project.

Communication 4.0

Communication 4.0 with our automated integrations for total customer satisfaction and 360º service. Always in tune with new technologies, in Coniex S.A. we can offer our customers a constant communication service between our automated solutions and our technical service, to have a total control of the processes and a continuous improvement of these, which will allow our customers not only to have a much greater efficiency of the processes, but also to have a 360º service without interruptions and with predictive and preventive maintenance without worries.