Aligned with the mission of CONIEX, which seeks to provide integral solutions to its customers and collaborators, we must highlight our advances in the field of engineering/automation, which are focused on offering the most innovative advantages to our customers, so that in turn they can obtain maximum effectiveness and efficiency in their processes and proven quality standards.

In this sense, we can highlight the following points in which CONIEX continuously contributes value to its customers:

Automated integrations

Automated integrations fully customized for our clients. We have a highly prepared team to approach any project from the collection of data necessary to assess the technical and economic feasibility of the project to the proposal to the client and the final execution of the project.

Communication 4.0

Communication 4.0 with our automated integrations for total customer satisfaction and 360º service. Always in tune with new technologies, in CONIEX we can offer our customers a constant communication service between our automated solutions and our technical service, to have a total control of the processes and a continuous improvement of these, which will allow our customers not only to have a much greater efficiency of the processes, but also to have a 360º service without interruptions and with predictive and preventive maintenance without worries.

Are you a manufacturer and need to improve your product quality?

At CONIEX we are specialized in the development of engineering projects with the objective of improving the efficiency and quality of our products. We are at the forefront in surface finishing and centrifugal casting. Not only do they reduce costs in the long term, but they also help to improve product quality.

Coniex believes in the capacity of innovation, research and development as the necessary tools to adapt to the global evolution of new markets.

In this way we help our customers to be more efficient and competitive every day.

The vision of the integral service oriented to solutions. The transmission of knowledge to facilitate the customer’s industrial process. We guarantee our facilities, products and services, acting directly on the customer’s costs.

We share our way of working, experience and knowledge to develop joint synergies. Commitment to the environment, minimizing waste management costs and environmental impact.