Coniex has a great commitment to the environment.

The environment sector (Water, Air, Oil and Shavings Treatment) includes the activities carried out by companies that produce goods and services capable of measuring, preventing, limiting or correcting environmental damage such as water, air and soil pollution. for the production of waste.

We have several solutions focused exclusively on reducing or minimizing the waste created by surface treatment processes and others generated by our customers’ production lines.
Within the Environment Line we are specialized in Water, Air, Oil and Shavings Treatments.

Water Treatments

Aware of the need to maintain the environmental balance and promote water saving, our R&D department has designed various equipment for wastewater treatment, from settling, separation and filtering facilities, to “0” discharge systems and water recirculation.

Oil and Chip Treatments

Machining chips with cutting oil or coolant that have not been treated by centrifugation or other methods, normally contain 20 to 30% of cutting fluids and are considered hazardous waste, at CONIEX we offer the necessary machinery for the separation of these fluids and thus allow our customers to recover their waste and be more respectful of the environment.