Complete sandblasting and shot blasting equipment

Surface and parts treatment

Coniex supplies equipment with all the necessary components for blasting and/or sandblasting processes. We have standard and customized equipment to guarantee the success of any project. Our equipment includes blasting machine, abrasives, electric compressor, hose for extensions, hoods and other complements.

If you need to carry out blasting or sandblasting works, Coniex supplies the complete equipment with all its complements and the abrasive to obtain professional results from the first day of work.

The system includes:

The Micrajet 8 sandblasting equipment, with 4m hose and 3 and 4 mm diameter hole blasting nozzles.

  • Air extension 10/23, consisting of 10m of air hose dia.13×23, with fitting to the sandblasting compressor.
  • Hood model RC4, supplied with 1 complete set of spare parts, normal wear and tear (1 aerosol filter + 10 glasses 100×140 )
  • 100 kg of blasting abrasive with 2l charge dispenser
  • Electric compressor 240V, single-phase, 2.2 kW (to be defined or agreed at time of purchase)


This complete portable sandblasting equipment is particularly suitable for use in places with civil or domestic electrical installations with a 3 kW, single-phase 240V electrical installation, as it allows to obtain sufficient power to operate a sandblaster with a  3 mm nozzle as supplied, at a constant pressure between 0:05 and 4 bar and with a working autonomy between 5 and 15 minutes. These characteristics allow the following surface treatments to be carried out:

Sandblasting of rusted, calaminated and old paint coated metal structures

Cleaning and restoration of bricks, stone, marble and granite elements with deposits of dirt, smoke or paint, especially graffiti

Cleaning of limestone or wooden elements with dirt or paint.

Restoration of vintage cars and motorcycles, particular cleaning in the nautical or naval sector’.

Cleaning of molds, weld seams and parts in copper, brass, aluminum or stainless steel

Execution of indelible text on all types of surfaces, materials (glass, marble, wood, plastic, ABS, etc.).

With the 4 mm nozzle, it is possible to  blasting  at a constant pressure of between 0.05 and 2 bar, thus allowing surface treatment to be carried out in a wider range of applications where a working pressure of more than 2 bar is not essential.

Please do not hesitate to contact our experts for  ask for a quotation  of the complete portable blasting equipment. Tell us about your application, the material, the type of finish you want to achieve and we will recommend the most suitable abrasive material to work with, the sandblasting method and the optimum equipment settings required to obtain asatisfactory result .

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