Our epoxy resin which is more transparent than glass

We present our ESMALTEX COLOURLESS ULTRA GLASS, which, thanks to its formulation, has a high transparency (glass effect) and excellent resistance to weathering (UV rays, heat, humidity, etc.), providing high resistance to yellowing.

ESMALTEX COLOURLESS ULTRA GLASS is a two-component, liquid, cold-curing enamel with a final ceramic or vitrified appearance, particularly designed for the decoration of all types of parts.

We can also colour it with our range of dyes that are totally soluble in resin, obtaining personalised and unique colours.

In addition, by mixing COLOURLESS ULTRA GLASS with our catalysts, a high self-levelling capacity, very good adhesion and good mechanical properties are achieved.

Its field of application is very wide, but it is particularly suitable for the colourless coating of: jewellery, costume jewellery, gift items, key rings, pins, buttons, buckles, leather and shoe fittings, sports medals and trophies, spectacle frames, car and household appliance accessories, furniture fittings and bathroom fittings, ceramics, glass, wood, colourless coatings on decals and photographs, etc.

ESMALTEX COLOURLESS ULTRA GLASS is ideal for the above mentioned applications due to the properties it provides:

  • Highly transparent: Thanks to its formula, the enamel has a high degree of transparency (glass effect).
  • High resistance to UV radiation and weathering: The enamel shows little or no yellowing due to its resistance to ultraviolet (UV) radiation and to different adverse weather conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.).

Its main characteristics are:

  • Glossy appearance with total absence of porosity.
  • High level hardness and good mechanical properties: The enamel is highly resistant to impacts and abrasion (scratches, scuffs, etc.).
  • High levels of adhesion on any surface, must be degreased and dried beforehand.
  • Low viscosity: The resin is designed to have a low viscosity in order to eliminate air bubbles caused by mixing.
  • It can be used for grinding and polishing at low speeds, as well as turning, diamond grinding, etc.
  • It allows the subsequent electrolytic bathing of metal parts.

It is so easy to use that in less than 5 minutes you will have your epoxy resin ready to apply to your parts.

Here we explain how easy it is to work with our colourless ULTRA GLASS:

Although we can use any catalyser from our Catalyst Chart depending on the surface to be enamelled, we recommend using our CATALYZER-N (ideal for enamelling flat surfaces, achieving the best physical and mechanical properties).

The mixture of COLOURLESS ULTRA GLASS with our CATALYZER-N must comply with the ratio 100:50 (100 g resin + 50 g hardener).

Warning: The measurement of the proportions or parts of enamel and catalyst must be exact

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