Foundry accessories

Slag tray: made of steel, it is very useful for depositing the slag that we have to periodically remove from the upper layer of the crucible. It has two side handles to facilitate handling.

Ingot mold: made of steel, designed to pour the metal from the furnace and obtain ingots with the same format, which facilitates storage.

Silicone funnel: So that the metal discharge does not touch the walls of the centrifuge cone and flows easily.

Saucepans: available in three sizes: small, medium and large. All of them in stainless steel.

Bearing extractor: Essential for easy removal of the bearings when they need to be changed.

Lubrication pump: For the maintenance of the machinery, it must be periodically lubricated. Grease pumps are necessary to perform this operation. CONIEX also has a high-temperature grease that is essential for carrying out this maintenance.

Grease: Special high temperature and designed for centrifuge bearings. Volatile elements evaporate and leave no dry residue to damage bearings.

Hydraulic oil: special for the maintenance of the hydraulic circuit of the vulcanizing press.