Hydrokinetic washers

Flexible machines and equipment, ideal for cleaning complex parts with blind holes and cavities.
The equipment that combines immersion and spraying of the parts. The washer is capable of performing the immersion and spraying phases separately or simultaneously.
The compact dimensions of the equipment make it particularly suitable for integration into work islands or for placement near a machining center.
The equipment ensures a high degree of cleanliness, even without the need for specific washing tools, thanks to the rotation of the parts immersed in an aqueous solution (water + detergent), which is agitated with pressurized water jets.
The rotation of the parts on the horizontal axis facilitates drainage, avoiding the stagnation of fluid in it.
They are built in AISI 304 with the tank area separated from the treatment area.

Features and accessories

  • Additional technical deposits.
  • Automatic opening lid.
  • Drying system with air blowing ramps.
  • Possibility to automate the blocking of the parts to be treated.
  • Automatic feeding of the baskets.
  • Washing circuit equipped with filtration systems.
  • Recovery of ferrous particles.
  • Recovery of non-emulsified oils by oil separator.
  • Rinsing station.
  • Possible installation of a spray gun with nozzle for manual washing at a pressure of 6-150 bar.
  • The size of the basket varies according to the needs.