In this article we discuss Firbimatic Spa- Surface Treatment Divsion, its solvent washing technology, its main advantages and its range of customized installations.


Firbimatic Spa – Surface Treatment Division, represented in Spain and Portugal by the company Coniex, s.a., located in Palau-Solità i Plegamans (Barcelona), is a company specialized in the manufacture of solvent installations and aqueous solutions for surface treatment.
The division belongs to the F.M.B. group of Bologna, recognized world leader in the dry cleaning and industrial washing machines sector (8 factories and 500 employees), which guarantees Firbimatic Spa – Coniex. s.a. the synergy of qualified resources for the design of the installations and their constructive realization.

Managed by a team with many years of experience in the field of surface degreasing systems, Firbimatic Spa – Coniex, s.a. has chosen to concentrate on the construction of a wide range of industrial systems for production plants and large-scale distribution that require a perfect degree of cleanliness of their components during the various phases of their industrial production, in full compliance with international standards, protection of operators and the environment.


The industrial washing process with closed circuit with solvent represents the ideal technology in the application where the highest quality of treatment is sought, considering the economy of execution and the repeatability of the results. Firbimatic Spa – Coniex s.a. systems are available in standard and special versions operating with chlorinated solvents, aliphatic hydrocarbons and modified alcohol.

The main advantages of the solvent installations FIRBIMATIC SPA – CONIEX, S.A.:

  • Negligible emissions to the environment (much lower than the limits indicated by the VOC/13/99 regulation).

  • Savings of about 90% in solvent consumption compared to previous vat systems
  • Exceptional washing and drying results (possible applications in the healthcare, aerospace, electronics and precision industries)
  • Total elimination of all types of contaminants (oils, greases, waxes, foundry sand, etc.).
  • Washing with clean, distilled solvent in each wash cycle (constant wash quality)
  • Drying in a clean and airtight environment