If in the previous article we analyzed the solvent washing technology for industrial parts and its main advantages, in this one, we detail the range of installations and the customer service offered by CONIEX and Firbimatic.


Firbimatic Spa – Coniex, S.A. offers highly flexible systems, even if customized: The SF-V series with chlorinated solvents or hydrocarbons (K Series) are equipped with a single large basket chassis (on request up to 1500x3000xh1500 mm) and are suitable for large components. On the other hand, the MD and MDK series models, with multiple baskets, are adapted to high productivity requirements.

Depending on the model, we can have the options of ROTATING, OSCILLATING or TILTING THE BASKET.

And also the possibility of washing with high pressure injectors, immersion with hot and cold baths (partial or total) and ultrasonic treatment. Rinsing with injectors, immersion and solvent vapor phase, ultrafiltration in the rinsing phase up to 5 microns, drying under vacuum or by air recirculation. It is even possible a last passivation phase of the parts with special additives for the long conservation of the parts.


In combination with the research and development of new models, we keep in the foreground the requirements of efficiency, environmental protection, durability of the installation, ease of use, workmanship and high quality of the final result, we have made available to our potential customers the service of:

Specialized technical center with various types of metal or solvent washing systems and aqueous solutions permanently available for comparative tests.

Qualified technicians, experts in the process, ready to suggest and carry out washing tests on the customer’s parts sent for preliminary tests. Recommendations of the best possible cycle according to the required technology with the lowest economic and energy impact (air recirculation systems, low vacuum, ultrasound).

  • Indications for choosing the most appropriate basket (evaluated according to the possibility and level of movement of the pieces during the washing and drying phase)
  • Integration of theFirbimatic Spa – Coniex, s.a. metal washing system with the company’s existing basket transport system.
  • Training course on the use and maintenance of the installation.
  • Precise indications on the frequency of stability and pH analyses to be carried out on the solvent used.
  • Complementary information on current regulations such as DPR 203/88 and subsequent regulations, VOC Directive 99/13/EC, and others covering Air Emissions, Waste Discharges, Water Resource Management, Noise and Noise Emissions, Industrial Hygiene, Safety Scheme and Labeling.

The Technical Department of Coniex, S.A. is at your disposal for any questions you may have.