Industrial washing tunnels

Industrial washing tunnels are used to continuously wash medium and large-sized parts. The operation is based on a tunnel with a conveyor belt that moves the pieces at a variable speed through the different phases of the machine process.

Washing equipment

To carry out an adequate treatment of the pieces, the washing tunnels can incorporate the phases that are necessary. These can be degreasing, rinsing, passivation, blowing and drying. One or more degreasing at different concentrations or rinsing with osmotized or deionized water can also be inserted, depending on the degree of cleanliness required of the parts.

All the phases of the machine have temperature regulation by means of a digital thermostat, in each treatment tank a mesh filter is installed to retain chips and small particles and thus not affect the washing of subsequent pieces or that there is clogging of the sprinklers. in the spray phase.

The form of movement of the pieces inside the tunnel can be continuous or step by step, depending on the geometric shape of the pieces to be treated or the required production.

In the step-by-step movement, pieces with complicated morphologies can be washed, since when the piece stops every X seconds, it can directly affect parts that are difficult to access, for example, blind holes.


The positioning of the piece for washing is normally on a belt with a different degree of perforation for continuous tunnels or on piece-holding systems for step-by-step tunnels. The loading of the machine can be done manually by an operator or automatically with conveyor belts or robots.

If the production set up requires a long tunnel length, there is a way to reduce the layout requirements on the shop floor. The machine can be manufactured in a U-shape and thus carry out loading and unloading at the same point, saving a large amount of space.

CONIEX sells a complete range of screw washers to cover all the needs of the industry. In addition to the standard parts washing equipment, systems are usually designed and manufactured according to the customer’s requirement and the part to be treated.