What do we mean by vibratory deburring?

When mass producing metal, plastic and even wood products, it must be taken into account that most of them will require further treatment for deburring.

During the different manufacturing processes, especially in the foundry sector, protrusions or “burrs” are usually produced on the edges. The existence of these deformities, which can be sharp, not only affects the performance of the product, but can also be dangerous. For this reason it is necessary to remove these protrusions in the manufacture of parts by means of the so-called deburring process.


CONIEX has more than 30 years of experience in the sale of vibration machines for surface treatment.

Therefore, we have the most efficient systems for this purpose, offering different vibratory finishing systems to treat all types of surfaces.

Vibratory machines are available adjacent to laser cutting, water jet cutting and CNC milling operations. Our vibration machines rarely break down and the results are easy to replicate time and time again. Our machines are equipped with the latest systems to ensure that they will remain in optimum condition under the most demanding working conditions.

It follows why the medical, sports and aerospace industries, which require highly technical finishes, have relied on vibration systems to finish their parts for decades.

How does part deburring work?

The vibrating machine consists of a processing chamber (usually lined with a protective rubber) that is mounted on springs and a base. The processing chamber or vat is generally circular with a central plate on which the motor is mounted. When the engine runs at about 1500 rpm, vibration occurs inside the tank.

In circular vibrators, the vibration causes the abrasives in the bowl to move in a toroidal shape. This action causes the abrasives to polish the surface of the components. Generally, the parts are made of zamak, brass, aluminum or steel. By applying the correct levels of water, chemicals and proper timing, this process will produce results ranging from light deburring, smoothing, polishing, destaining, degreasing and corrosion inhibition, among others with plastic, ceramic, sawdust and wood abrasive chips.

Our Technical Department is at your disposal for any questions you may have. We will be happy to advise you on which type of installation will best suit your needs.