Coniex has the solutions for the Jewelry sector

In recent times we appreciate in consumers a growing tendency to choose genuine products. We choose, more and more, to acquire articles made through unique processes, moving away from those manufactured in series and lacking in personality.

In this sense, for several years at CONIEX we have observed how many of the new firms in the sector have wanted to change the way we understand jewelry. Young brands that have reinvented the way in which this industry is conceived, betting on craftsmanship in the production of jewellery. Through unique creations made in small workshops, they return the value to the details.

CONIEX designs and manufactures a specific range of products for jewelery and for the molten wax technique.

CASTEX microfusion silicone

CASTEX high-resistance microfusion silicones are specially designed for making molds for microfusion, for the lost wax method, both for jewelery and costume jewelery and for industrial applications in steel.

Fine enamels ESMALTEX

At CONIEX we manufacture our own ESMALTEX epoxy resin. They are available in a wide range of colors including opaque, transparent, fluorescent and pearlescent. Its excellent quality provides a high gloss finish and great resistance to light, impact or abrasion.


Creations made by @ginverandvelvet and photographed by @silbarestudio