Laboratory presses

CONIEX, s.a. presents a new and wide range of high precision laboratory presses, with 4 columns and automated, to speed up the vulcanization of test specimens for testing and production control.

Ideal for Quality Control and R&D laboratories in the organic rubber, silicone, plastics and composites industries.

Our range of vulcanizing presses

This new range of presses from 22 to 100Tn. is the result of many years of experience in the design and manufacture of this type of machinery, improving with each new series, incorporating the latest technological innovations to achieve a reliable, precise, resistant and, in short, high-precision product.

We have incorporated optional 4.0 connectivity to each model in order to be able to monitor the process and machine status at all times.

Table of the characteristics of laboratory presses

 P 350 LAB 22 TP 350 LAB 25 TP LAB x 2P 350 LAB 40 TP 500 LAB 100 TP 600 LAB 100 T
CLOSING FORCE22 T25 T25/40 T40 T100 T100 T
PLATE DIMENSIONS350×350 mm350×350 mm350×350 mm350×350 mm500×500 mm600×800 mm
OPENING BETWEEN THE PLATES200 mm240 mm100 mm240 mm350 mm350 mm
TEMPERATURE200°C / 392°F200°C / 392°F200°C / 392°F200°C / 392°F200°C / 392°F200°C / 392°F
PRESSURE250 bar250 bar250 bar250 bar250 bar0250 bar
OPENING BETWEEN COLUMNS240 mm240 mm100 mm240 mm350 mm350 mm
POWER4500 W4500 W7500 W4500 W9000 W9000 W
VOLTAGE400 V Three-phase400 V Three-phase400 V Three-phase400 V Three-phase400 V Three-phase400 V Three-phase
FREQUENCY50/60 Hz50/60 Hz50/60 Hz50/60 Hz50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
965 x 740 x
965 x 740 x 1640965 x 740 x
1750 x 1200 x 9501320 x 1100 x 1700
WEIGHT350 kg725 kg810 kg790 kg1790 kg2630 kg
NOISE LEVEL<70 dN (A)65 dN (A)65 dN (A)65 dN (A)65 dN (A)65 dN (A)

As a result of the needs in our own laboratory for quality control and R+D+i of silicone elastomers in CONIEX, s.a., the idea arose to develop a precision press, together with our partner-supplier Nicem, that would meet the highest precision requirements.

We could not have reliable results in our laboratory tests without an accurate vulcanizing press.

From the first press until today, many years have passed and it has evolved to reach the current range of presses, very complete, that comes to fill a gap in the market, with automation, PLC, repeatability of processes, reliable, robust and connectivity 4.0.

These presses are the result of a carefully studied ergonomic design, with an electro-welded steel structure and machined with high-precision CNC centers. The plates and the 4 columns give it an extraordinary solidity as well as a guaranteed parallelism and flatness of the plates.

In the elastomer production sector, both the mixing of the components of the formula and good vulcanization are very important. We must be able to control all parameters with the highest precision in order to obtain reliable test specimens and results.

Removable trolleys with anti-scratch treatment consisting of counterplate, trolley and guide assembly.

The presses offered by CONIEX, s.a. have a series of differential characteristics:

  • Constant pressure hydraulic unit
  • Low pressure circuit for upstream and downstream
  • PLC touch screen control
  • Cycle timer
  • Automatic degassing and programmable cycles
  • Plate opening adjustment
  • Thermoregulators on each plate
  • Closing pressure indicator
  • Security door

These presses are specially designed for use in the following industries:

  • Manufacturers of organic rubbers, silicones and all types of elastomers
  • Testing laboratories of universities and technological institutes
  • Compression manufacturers of O-rings and precision parts
  • stamps or rubber stamps, etc.
  • Manufacturers of composites with resins, carbon fibers, wood, etc.

If you have any questions or requests for information, please contact our Technical Department.

P 350 LAB 22 T

P 350 LAB D 25 T

P 350 LAB D 40 T

P 500 LAB 100 T

P 600 LAB 100 T



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