Rumors have been circulating lately that lead content in pewter alloys has been banned and we would like to state the following:

For many years CONIEX, S.A. has been supplying pewter alloys formulated from electrolytically pure metals, with a lead content never higher than 4%, which is the maximum allowed in the USA until now, although we have never found any standard confirming this. There are currently some discussions to reduce the lead content to 200 ppm and later to 100 ppm.

However, there is a new provision in the EU announcing that the use of cadmium will be banned as of December 2011. For more information, please access the following link: EU bans costume jewelry made with cadmium

Therefore, today we announce that CONIEX, S.A. has already developed a new lead-free pewter alloy, already tested and with excellent results. It is called PELTRE ECO-1 and is slightly more expensive precisely because it does not contain lead in its formulation.

Aware of the high price of pure tin (not recovered) in the market, CONIEX, S.A. offers its help to our customers who use pewter to switch to the manufacture of parts in zamak or resins. Our technical and commercial departments are at your disposal for any questions you may have.