Do you want to make your own resin parts? With Esmaltex epoxy resin you will be able to create your own pieces in an easy and simple way and, what is more important, in a fast and investment-free way.

Coniex has been manufacturing for more than 30 years a completely transparent epoxy resin, with high gloss, high resistance to scratches and UV rays. Esmaltex Epoxy resin is free of bisphenol A (a substance harmful to health and the environment), which allows you to obtain totally safe and non-toxic parts, complying with the required Safety and Toxicity Standards.

It is ideal for making all kinds of pieces, such as costume jewelry pieces (necklaces, bracelets, rings), decorative pieces, pieces with occlusions and encapsulations, advertising items and whatever your imagination wants to design.

The method of use is very simple: add the resin and its corresponding part of catalyst, mix uniformly (this step is very important to obtain optimum results), let it stand for about 3 minutes and it is ready to apply.

The catalyzing process (i.e. the drying of the part) can be carried out at room temperature (20 to 25°C), at a maximum of 50% humidity. In 24 hours you will have your pieces perfectly finished!

For more information about the use of our Esmaltex do not hesitate to ask for our Technical Data Sheet (TDS). All our products have their Technical Data Sheet and corresponding Safety Data Sheet.

Our ESMALTEX epoxy resin allows subsequent machining such as sanding at low revolutions and with fine-grit sandpaper to avoid damaging the resin. If we wish to recover the initial brightness we can achieve it with a polishing and a paste to polish precious metals or plastics and also at low revolutions. In addition, we can drill the piece with a small drill to use it as a pendant, for example.

If you want to create colored pieces we have a wide range of more than 90 colors, transparent, opaque and pearlescent that you can mix between them to obtain the desired tone. Consult our Color Range.

To make your work easier, with our RTV liquid silicone, available in different hardnesses to better adapt to the shape of your parts, you can make the molds you need yourself, allowing you to have the mold immediately available without the need to invest in new molds. Have your original parts available, use them to make the mold with our RTV and you will have a mold ready to replicate your resin parts. It couldn’t be easier and faster.

Make your own cabochons and beads to crimp on your pieces. Do not depend on external suppliers, avoid delays in delivery times, as well as last minute surprises. Be totally independent!

Coniex offers Enameling Courses both to initiate you in the technique of applying epoxy resin and to perfect it, and increase your knowledge in the decoration and manufacture of your own creations.

We are at your disposal for any questions you may have.

For more information, see our Epoxy Resin “Esmaltex”section.