The MECSPE Fair in Parma will take place from March 27th to 29th . Although this fair is still little known in the international arena, it is being a clear exponent of the new trends that are roaring the orientation of international fairs.
It is an event intended for the meeting, exhibition and discussion of high-tech machining and its associated surface treatment. Through the link:, you will be able to access the information of this exhibition.

Our partner NORBLAST from Bologna will be present in Hall 6, stand M-26, with two state-of-the-art machines: An automatic SAT 2 blasting center, with a rotary table and two automatic blasting movements, one horizontal and one vertical. All movements are programmable and parameterizable, in addition to incorporating controls and programming on pneumatic control of feeding, suction, screening and abrasive selection.
This type of machine is the latest development in the range of machines designed for deburring internal or cross bores, which give rise to removable or non-removable burrs that are difficult to remove by conventional machining operations.

They are also often used for the creation of controlled roughness either in specific areas or over the entire surface of the part.
Another of its usual functions is the uniformization of the surface of parts as an aesthetic aspect, masking scratches or marks from machining, or from vices.
This type of installation can work with all types of materials such as glass microspheres, corundum, stainless steel shot, carbon steel, etc… depending on the material of the part or the required application.

Also on display will be a machine with a rubber mat and movable multi-nozzles. This type of machines are intended for the treatment of small parts susceptible to be worked by loads, and some of the most common applications are pickling, surface preparation for subsequent coatings (adhesives, galvanic coatings, paints, etc…), external deburring of the part.

The difference between this type of installation and a turbine shot blasting machine is the possibility of blasting any type of abrasive, including corundum or silicon carbide, unthinkable in a turbine shot blasting machine.
Due to their physical characteristics, including the fact that they never round upon impact and always maintain their angular prismatic shape, these materials are ideal for surface preparation.