At CONIEX, we take pride in collaborating with innovative and creative companies seeking the best materials for their projects. One of our distinguished clients in the Casting product line is Museum Miniatures, a UK-based company specializing in creating metal miniatures for games. This collaboration has been especially successful due to the use of our SILCODISC MA-90/55 silicone for spin casting.

Museum Miniatures and Their 3D Sculpture Line: ZSculpt

Museum Miniatures, through their 3D sculpture line called ZSculpt, has managed to produce detailed, high-quality miniatures that are appreciated by gaming enthusiasts. By using our spin casting silicones, they have managed to maintain the integrity of the masterpieces, especially resin pieces, ideal for masters printed on 3D printers.

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A successful collaboration with our silicone designed for resin masters, SILCODISC MA-90/55 for Spin Casting.

Customer Feedback

We have received very positive feedback from Museum Miniatures regarding the performance of our silicone SILCODISC MA-90/55. Here we share some of their words:

“The molds are absolutely perfect. I have used one so far as a master mold, from which I will produce my figures. I will use the rest of them as master molds over the next few months.

They are absolutely perfect for keeping the resin master pieces without deformation in the molds. The low temperature and low pressure in the vulcanization press certainly help. I am sure that as more people use 3D printed masters, they will find your molds very, very useful.”

This feedback underscores the high quality and efficiency of our silicone SILCODISC MA-90/55, highlighting its ability to work precisely under low temperature and pressure conditions, which are crucial for preventing mold deformations.

Commitment to Customer Service

In addition to the quality of our products, we also take pride in our commitment to customer service. Museum Miniatures has expressed their satisfaction with our support and attention:

“Thank you very much for your help, it is greatly appreciated and I am very impressed with the way your company treats its customers.”

This kind of feedback reinforces our commitment to providing not only high-quality products but also exceptional service that helps our customers achieve their goals.

Silicone molds for resin masters for Spin Casting, SILCODISC MA-90/55 by CONIEX.

Our MA-90/55 silicone for spin casting is a product that has proven to be essential for customers like Museum Miniatures. Its features include:

  • Low Temperature and Vulcanization Pressure: Ideal for preventing deformations in resin master pieces.
  • High Durability: The molds have a long lifespan.
  • Versatility: Perfect for use with 3D printed masters, ensuring every detail is preserved with precision.


At CONIEX, we are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Our collaboration with Museum Miniatures and the successful use of our SILCODISC MA-90/55 silicone is a testament to our continued effort to provide superior products and unparalleled service.

For more information about our MA-90/55 silicone and other products, visit our website CONIEX Casting.