Safer and more convenient packaging

We know how important safety is when working with chemicals, so we are committed to offering the best to our customers on a daily basis.

At CONIEX we are committed to health and the environment, that is why our glazes are the only ones on the market without Bisphenol A, an organic component that has been associated with multiple adverse health effects.


Our ESMALTEX are marketed in improved, safer packaging that guarantees perfect preservation of the product in order to maximize its shelf life. It is also very important that they are comfortable both to work with and to store.

After several months of testing, we have developed the perfect packaging for our enamels and catalysts.

An excellent product deserves the best packaging

The new packaging offers greater protection of the product from light, as well as improved shelf life. Its shape facilitates handling and emptying.

In addition, the new format allows for excellent space optimization, facilitating storage.

Our containers are approved, 100% airtight, with child-resistant caps and an anti-spill system for safe and trouble-free transportation.

The classification of this product has been carried out in accordance with Regulation no. 1272/2008 (CLP). Be wary of any similar product whose packaging, labeling and/or safety data sheets do not comply with these regulations.
We would like to take this opportunity to inform our customers that the CATALYZERS, previously in 130g format, are now available in 250g packaging.

Remember that the CONIEX Technical Team is at your disposal for any questions about the ESMALTEX range.