For the manufacture of Pewter pieces by spin casting, it is necessary to use high quality alloys.

For this reason, Coniex develops and markets a complete range of tin-based alloys, so that our customers can cast any type of piece with the guarantee of good mold filling, excellent surface quality and constant quality.

Pewter, the most used metal to make pieces:

  • jewelery
  • Wargame Miniatures
  • Historical Miniatures
  • Fashion accessories
  • Furniture Accessories
  • Modeling

Our range of pewter alloys


  • Lead content < 4%
  • Manufacture of all kinds of pewter pieces
  • Melting temperature 189-210ºC
  • Optimum Working Temperature 250-270ºC
  • Density 7.5g/cm3
  • Sales unit: Box 20 kg
  • 0.75kg ingots


  • Lead content < 50ppm / 0.05%
  • Manufacture of high quality certified parts
  • Melting temperature 230ºC
  • Optimum working temperature 300-315ºC
  • Density 7.4g/cm3
  • Sales unit: Box 21 kg
  • 2.5kg ingots

The Pewter for Spin Casting that CONIEX markets only comes from 99.9% Pure Tin.

Should an alloy be required for a special application, Coniex can develop custom Pewter alloys . Check with us.

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