Pewter alloys for parts manufacturing

Pewter ingots for centrifugal casting

CONIEX, s.a. designs and supplies different pewter (tin) alloys for the manufacture of centrifugal castings. Our alloys are delivered in the form of low weight ingots, which can be purchased in standard formats.

Pewter alloys

The manufacture of pewter parts by centrifugal casting requires the use of high quality alloys that guarantee an excellent final result. The pewter ingots for centrifugal casting supplied by CONIEX are only made from 99.99% pure tin.

CONIEX develops and markets a complete range of tin-based pewter alloys, thanks to which our customers can cast any type of part with full guarantee of obtaining a good mold filling, as well as excellent surface quality and constant performance.

In case you need a customized alloy for a special application, CONIEX can develop tailor-made pewter alloys, with a minimum of kilos that compensates its manufacture.

Our pewter alloys are supplied in the form of ingots delivered in boxes of 20 or 21 kilograms, depending on the type of alloy. However, our tin ingots can also be delivered in other weights and sizes to suit the specific needs of our customers.

In addition to our pewter alloys, we also supply
silicone molds for pewter
which are specially designed and manufactured for the production of pewter parts.

We have a team of consultants specialized in the manufacture of parts by centrifugal casting, who can offer complete advice throughout the purchasing process.

Our range of pewter alloys


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Contenido en plomo < 4%

Fabricación de todo tipo de piezas de peltre

Temperatura de fusión 189-210ºC

Temperatura óptima de trabajo 250-270ºC

Densidad 7,5 g/cm3

Unidad de venta: Caja 20 kg

1 lingote = 0,750 kg



Contenido en plomo < 50ppm / 0.05%

Fabricación de piezas de alta calidad certificada

Temperatura de fusión 230ºC

Temperatura óptima de trabajo 300-315ºC

Densidad 7,4 g/cm3

Unidad de venta: Caja 20 kg

1 lingote = 0,750 kg

Advantages of tin alloys

Tin is a metal widely used in the manufacture of decorative pieces, costume jewelry, miniatures, as well as many other industrial applications due to its resistance to oxidation and degradation. Its properties give it a number of advantages over other metals, among which the most important ones are:

  • High purity
  • Excellent weldability
  • Good infiltration or castability
  • Clean, bright and uniform material
  • Offers high resistance to both oxidation and weathering
  • Good electrical conductor
  • Low waste production during the smelting process


Thanks to the advantages we have just seen, tin, conveniently alloyed with other metals, gives rise to the so-called Pewter, one of the most widely used materials for the manufacture of a wide variety of parts:

  • Jewelry
  • Wargame Miniatures
  • Historical Miniatures
  • Fashion accessories
  • Furniture Accessories
  • Modeling
  • Prizes and gifts
  • Decoration


The pewter alloys supplied by CONIEX are formulated for use in the centrifugal casting sector. We supply a variety of compositions that have been developed to suit the type of parts to be cast.

Thus, the main function of the pewter supplied by Coniex is to be cast into vulcanized silicone rubber molds, which are rotated so that centrifugal force helps fill the mold cavity and expel air.

Today, in order to comply with existing regulations, PELTRE must be an alloy with a low lead content, which is generally hardened with additions of antimony and copper, although other elements such as silver or bismuth are sometimes used.

Pewter can be polished to a bright silver finish or, if preferred, chemical agents can be used to simulate the dark tones associated with antique pewter.

  • Tin (Sn). The main component in any pewter alloy is pure tin, which, due to its softness, must be mixed with other materials. A pewter alloy usually contains between 90 and 98% tin.
  • Antimony (Sb). It improves casting qualities and has a considerable hardening effect. Modern tin generally contains between 0.5 and 8 %.
  • Copper (Cu). Like antimony, copper improves casting qualities, has a slight hardening effect and helps to retain antimony in the molten pewter, often present between 0.25 and 2.5 %.

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