Polyester abrasives

Polyester abrasives are manufactured with special polyester resin and have characteristics expressly designed to increase performance and reduce the quantities used. The heat treatment applied in the production process guarantees a perfect polymerization of the resin, acquiring an ideal cutting quality and consumption.

The use of abrasive powders particular elements such as silicon carbide, alumina and others, perfectly mixed with the resin, allow the work cycle to be reduced, reducing the amount of solid parts in suspension and almost totally reducing the production of foam in the discharge water, which allows us to be able to recirculate it and thus reduce part of the contaminated water.

Polyester abrasives can be used on all materials depending on the degree of requirement in polishing, polishing and pre-galvanized finishing, in high roughing and can be used in any vibrating machine or rotating drum. There are a large number of measurements, geometric shapes such as abrasive cones , pyramids, elliptical, lenticular and tristar, in order to meet all the requirements required as well as a great diversity of colors mainly to differentiate the different abrasiveness.

The great diversity of geometric shapes has been studied in order to be able to treat all types of pieces and thus to be able to play in the vibration process At the same time, it is interesting to verify the dimensions of the abrasive to prevent it from getting stuck in the part and thus not increasing the operating cycle by having to remove it, which is sometimes very laborious. Depending on the amount of abrasive mixed with the resin, the cut changes, so we can have mixtures with 100% resin that its consumption is practically zero, to mixtures with a large amount of abrasive for high roughing processes.

Once the vibration process is finished we have to separate the abrasives from the treated pieces, normally screens are used either in the form of holes or with rods depending on the dimensions of the chip and the pieces, there is also the possibility of manufacturing the magnetic abrasive and so that it can be separated from the pieces with an extractor for that purpose.