Process Consulting

Our consultancy of industrial processes

With the consultancy of technological processes , Coniex, SA makes its extensive knowledge of production methods and the development of technological solutions for finishing post-processes available to its clients.

After more than 35 years and thousands of installations in foundry and surface treatment in a wide variety of applications and sectors, our experience allows us to make innovative value propositions that help our clients achieve high production performance.

The differential value is the results orientation from the beginning of our work, as well as the commitment in the start-up.

Consulting is focused on different situations:
– Companies in the process of investing in new production facilities
– Companies with the aim of improving their productivity and reducing the costs of their current production processes and surface treatment.

James Navarro

Consultant in: Centrifugal Casting and Enamel Parts

Founder of the Group, he has a long career of more than 30 years advising companies in Centrifugal Casting and in the process of Enamelling parts.
With a global vision of the process, of the technical teams involved and of the Centrifugal Casting technique, it provides valuable training to people that translates into an improvement in the competitiveness and quality of the manufactured products.

Leo Baldo

Consultant in: Washing, Degreasing and Finishing by Vibration

Specialized in Industrial Chemistry, Mr. Leo Baldo is the main Technician of the Coniex Group in Vibrofinishing Processes.
His long career at Coniex has made him an important advisor to our clients due to his ability to provide technical solutions focused on the correct design of vibro-finishing machinery and complementary abrasive and chemical products.

Javier Garijo

Consultant in: Garnishing and Blasting Processes

With more than 30 years of experience in the design, development and sale of surface treatment installations by projection of abrasive particles. From a deep knowledge of all the particularities of the process, it advises its clients in the sectors of Aeronautics, Medicine, Automotive, Renewable Energies, Restoration, etc., to obtain parts with the required finishes at controlled and satisfactory costs.