Quality Policy

Quality policy and company values

CONIEX is a nationwide company whose headquarters are in Palau-Solità i Plegamans (Barcelona) with a subsidiary in Urnieta (Guipúzcoa).
It also has an international presence, as it exports to several countries, with one subsidiary in Portugal and another, established in Mexico.

CONIEX focuses its activity on the Design, Manufacture, Marketing and Sale of installations, machinery and chemical products, necessary for the “Casting, Surface Finishing and Technical Silicones Processes”.

CONIEX has a Quality Policy in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, which supporting the strategic management of the organisation.

CONIEX adopts the following eight principles, shared by all its employees, which must be transmitted to the company’s areas of influence to provide a framework for its activities, and to establish and revise its Quality Policy, and values.

    1. Right from the start, CONIEX has provided solution-oriented, integral services. This Policy provides the framework for establishing the organisation’s quality objectives.
    2. CONIEX shares its experience and knowledge with customers to develop joint working synergies. It is committed to complying with all applicable requirements.
    3. CONIEX has always combined the effectiveness of its products with knowledge transmission to streamline its customers’ industrial processes.
    4. CONIEX guarantees its facilities, products and services. Its quality control, processes and procedures are entrusted to professionals who act directly on cost control for customers.
    5. CONIEX shares the imagination, creativity and vision of the projects it shares with customers, adding value for both them and the company.
    6. CONIEX looks upon environmental protection and energy efficiency as key principles for the progress of its business. It keeps its customers informed about the proper use of products, how to minimise waste management costs and environmental impact.
    7. With the hard work and commitment of all its teams, CONIEX has the strength and solvency it needs to drive its Business Project to success. This commitment includes the continuous improvement of the quality management system.
    8. CONIEX is committed to new technologies as the basis for a more competitive future, focused on customer satisfaction.

Ferran Navarro Teixidó

May 08, 2023