Rectangular vibrators

Rectangular vibrators are mass surface finishing equipment used in processes where the parts to be treated are of large dimensions and it is not possible to work with circular vibrators.

The surface treatment process with rectangular vibrators is carried out in the same way as with circular vibrators, but instead of having a toroidal movement, the parts and the abrasive are moved in a circular trajectory. All types of vibrating abrasives can be used, such as ceramic, polyester or urea chips as well as the same CX chemicals manufactured by CONIEX.

Rectangular vibrators, in their special version, are also used for polishing processes with steel balls. The construction of the equipment for working with steel balls is special due to the high weight requirement with which the process is carried out. For this purpose, the structure of the tank and the vibrating motor mountings are reinforced. These are more powerful and transmit efficiently and durably the energy to perform a vibration that allows the impact of the steel balls on the parts, which performs the polishing effect of the process.

Equipment characteristics:

  • High efficiency with a good surface finish.
  • Motor with specific design for high-demanding continuous operation.
  • Continuous vibration adjustment.
  • Highly durable polyurethane coating.
  • Possibility of incorporating separators to treat parts independently.
  • Possibility of including acoustic covers designed for each model to reduce noise.
  • Possibility of including CX vibration chemical dosing pumps.
  • Possibility of including frequency inverter in the motors for a greater regulation of the process.

The range of rectangular models is as follows:

– VIB ER 20 RT

– VIB ER 80 RT

– VIB ER 130 RT

– VIB ER 320 RT

– VIB ER 400 RT

– VIB ER 475 RT

– VIB ER 500 RT

– VIB ER 600 RT

– VIB ER 800 RT

– VIB ER 1000 RT

– VIB ER 2200 RT

The range of rectangular ball models is as follows:

– VIB ER 80 EN

– VIB ER 130 EN

– VIB ER 250 EN

– VIB ER 320 EN

– VIB ER 700 EN

– VIB ER 130 EN – Tilting