During the vulcanization of centrifugal casting molds, problems of adhesion of the original parts to the mold silicone can occur, especially with resin parts.

At CONIEX we have the ideal product that will avoid adhesion problems that may occur, that the part may break or that part of the silicone from the mold may remain adhered to it, making the mold unusable. With its use, both the mold and the originals are kept in perfect condition.

Our vulcanizing release agent is a liquid product, translucent in color and very volatile.

The original release agent can be used on metal originals, with or without galvanic bath, as well as on polymeric parts or 3D printing resins of all types, without leaving any kind of residue on them.

What makes our original release agent special?

High yield, because very little quantity is needed to be highly effective.

High thermal stability: withstands vulcanization temperatures without affecting its properties. Allows vulcanization from 90ºC to 180ºC.

– The finish of the piece is completely clean, with no defects. It does not generate bubbles in the mold.

– It leaves no residue.

How is the original release agent used?

The first thing to do is to shake the release agent so that the product phases are well mixed.

  1. After having ensured that the product is homogeneous, and provided that the size of the pieces allows it, we will take them with tweezers and immerse them in the release agent jar. In case they do not fit, pour a sufficient amount of product in a jar so that the original parts are well submerged. Depending on the size of the pieces, we will have to add more or less, but the pieces must be completely covered with product. In this step it is advisable to use tweezers both to immerse the original and to remove it. Finally, depending on the size of the pieces, we could also impregnate them with the help of a brush.
  2. Remove the original part from the release liquid.
  3. Wait for the release agent to evaporate completely from the surface of the part (approx. 2 min.).
  4. Insert the part into the mold trying not to damage the layer of release agent deposited with your fingers.

CONIEX recommends covering the release agent container every time you work with it. If not stored under the correct conditions and due to its high volatility, the product will evaporate until it is used up.