The company “C.M Surface Treatmant S.P.A.” of Modena (Italy), represented in Spain and Portugal by CONIEX®, is known worldwide for providing innovative shot blasting solutions for various sectors.

In response to the request of one of the major international die casting groups, “C.M.” has developed and patented a new turbine shot blasting machine for the application of large-sized light alloy parts produced in automatic injection islands. The main objective was to be able to discover eventual fusion defects (visible only after shot blasting) in a very short time, avoiding at the same time the accumulation of defective parts.

In this application, a robot usually removes the part from the mold, checks its condition, cools it by immersion in water, positions it in a die press to trim the sprues from the casting and the thicker burrs, and finally deposits it on a roller conveyor or on a sliding chute.

Traditionally, the parts were accumulated in large containers to be transported to the shot blasting section, usually consisting of several hook or through-feed shot blasting machines. Currently the discharge roller conveyor (or chute) directly feeds the “S/60-H” shot blasting machine.

The piece is automatically picked up and placed in a sledge, which is introduced inside the cabin where it starts to rotate. The effective shot blasting time is very fast, between 20 and 40 seconds, so the machine cycle time, including downtime, is compatible with the injection molding machine time. The special arrangement of the turbines allows a complete and homogeneous blasting of the parts. All the shot collected in the nooks and crannies is discharged during the rotation of the sledge, before the door opens at the end of the cycle.

The introduction of the S/60-H has made it possible to free up space (avoiding the accumulation of parts and containers before and after the shot blasting section), to detect any defects as early as possible (being able to intervene quickly on the injected casting), to drastically reduce rejected parts and to simplify the flow of material.

Tests carried out internally at C.M. have indicated that the S/60-H is not only mainly adapted to die casting, but also for other casting technologies (low pressure, gravity and sand casting) as well as for other production processes not related to die casting.

The machine is delivered complete with filter (STD Atex) and complete PLC networkable control panel for possible remote network controls. The feeding and unloading of the machine can be done by a robot or with a simple roller conveyor. No civil works are required for the installation and it takes only one or two days to assemble.