This May, José Vicente, specialist in enamels and centrifugal casting of Coniex, will visit José Vicente, specialist in enamels and centrifugal casting of Coniex, will visit Colombia in collaboration with the Commercial Team of TECNIQUÍMICA, our distributor in Colombia.

CONIEX has been manufacturing and marketing silicone molds for more than 30 years. Our wide experience makes companies from all countries and sectors trust us for the manufacture of their metal articles.

From the jewelry and costume jewelry sector to the manufacture of medals, key rings and other advertising material, our products have proven to more than meet the expectations of our customers, increasing their productivity and reducing costs, which makes them continue to trust us year after year.

One of the most demanding sectors is that of accessories: jewelry, costume jewelry, buckles…

We are proud to say that some of the most important companies worldwide work with our molds and enamels. In this sector it is very important to stand out from the competition and stand out, so for these companies it is essential to have decoration products that ensure excellent quality and results.

In this sense, our range of ESMALTEX enamels, the only ones on the market free of the BISPHENOL A component, ensures superior quality finishes and greater visibility.


At CONIEX we manufacture our own bicomponent, liquid and cold-curing enamels. The final result has a ceramic or vitrified appearance, intended for the decoration of all types of pieces.

Our line ESMALTEX is available in a wide range of colors including colorless, opaque, transparent, fluorescent and pearlescent. Its excellent quality provides a high gloss finish and high resistance to light, impact and abrasion.

We also have several types of catalysts so that you can adapt it to any piece or surface, whether it is curved, flat, with edges or requires greater flexibility (for advertising items such as labels).


If you have ever thought about glazing your creations, do not hesitate to take the opportunity to ask our Technical Team to advise you on which products are best suited to your production needs. In CONIEX we also offer courses in mold making and enameling techniques, to learn from scratch or to perfect your technique. In addition, we have enameling equipment and accessories to improve productivity and ensure maximum precision when decorating your pieces.

In any case, you can obtain more information on this web page or fill in the form on the top left. We will get back to you as soon as possible.