Once again this year, in Coniex we are proud to collaborate with the jewelry section of the Escola Massana of Barcelona which, together with the Friends of Serraduy AssociationThe activities of metal casting, approach to mineralogy (cutting and polishing stones), techniques of inclusion of different elements in resins and ceramic firings, sponsored by Coniex, among others, and aimed at students of the following courses, will be held from May 27 to 31. Higher Training Cycle of Artistic Jewelry.

At Coniex we like to contribute to these young students, not only with our product but also with our experience in the sector with this cold enamel.

Fourteen years of work guarantee this experience in a privileged environment in the Isábena Valley (Huesca), an area of great geological, paleontological and archaeological importance.

Our enamel for jewelry ESMALTEX, with which we collaborate in this conference, is versatile and its ease of use for future jewelers is a safe bet for their designs.

This year also collaborates with the Escola Massana, the school of Art “La Industrial de Barcelona”, the Institute and Lyceum of Masters of Arts of Lyon, and we will have the collaboration of a local craftswoman.

ESMALTEX cold jewelry enamel has unique characteristics such as:

  • Bright appearance associated with a total absence of porosity.
  • High adhesion on all surfaces, free of oil or dust.
  • High surface hardness and abrasion resistance.
  • High impact and scratch resistance.
  • Absence of shrinkage during drying.
  • They can be sandblasted, sanded and polished, always at low revolutions.
  • A subsequent electrolytic bath can be given.
  • High degree of light fastness.

All ESMALTEX cold enamels, together with their CATALYZERS, comply with the limit values for heavy metals described in the European standard EN 71-3:1994. Safety of toys – Part 3: Migration of certain elements.

We wish another year of success to the Massana School and its future jewelers.