The manufacture of parts in PELTRE (known as white metal) by Centrifugal Casting or Spin Casting, requires an adapted range of molds. The SILCODISC-PE series has excellent mechanical strength and tear resistance, which guarantees a very long mold life. They are specially designed and formulated for centrifugal casting of low melting point metal alloys: Pewter (tin) and lead. They are also suitable for the centrifugation of RESINS.

The main sectors used are:

  • costume jewelry
  • wargames and miniatures
  • ornaments for footwear
  • gift items
  • model making

Our SILCODISC-PE series molds are characterized by:

  • Extraordinary resistance to tearing.
  • Low viscosity before vulcanization (raw) which facilitates handling for mold making and part nailing, minimizing the “rebound” effect.
  • High flexibility, which allows the demolding of complicated parts.
  • High resistance to metal abrasion.

In our laboratories we carry out a meticulous control of all the raw material and all the quality controls of the manufactured product, which are necessary to certify them, are carried out with high technology equipment.


Which SILCODISC-PE should I choose?

In order to determine which type of mold is the most suitable for the part we want to manufacture, we must take into account different factors such as the type of material to be used, shape of the part, degree of flexibility required for the extraction of the part from the mold, etc.

To do so, please visit our product SILCODISC-PE where you will find a list of all available types and you can easily determine which one is the most suitable.

Tip: For the manufacture of parts that are difficult to remove from the mold, we should choose molds of lower hardness, as they are more flexible and have excellent resistance to breakage.


Hands, workbenches and utensils should be maintained at the highest level of cleanliness. The original parts must be free of grease or varnish.

Due to the low viscosity of the mold before vulcanization, the parts are placed in the usual way and very easily.


Temperature: 170 – 180 ºC
Pressure: 10 kgs/cm2 minimum. See our pressure table
Time: 5 minutes for every 2 mm. of mold thickness.

EXAMPLE: A 10+10 mm mold. = 20 mm thickness requires 50 minutes of vulcanization at the indicated temperature.

“Our SILCODISC molds do not expire, although we advise their use before 2 years.”

Our Applications Laboratory is at your disposal for any questions you may have on the subject.

To make the mold in a correct way we have all kinds of accessories, such as ACCESSORIES such as centerers, release agents, gouges of different sizes, tear-off silicone, etc., which will be very useful. In addition, if you have doubts about the application, either at the time of making the mold as to perform the function process, or simply want to improve your technique, Coniex offers in its facilities CENTRIFUGAL CASTING COURSES


All our products always come with the corresponding Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). For proper waste management, please refer to section 13 of the MSDS.

To obtain the best results in the manufacture of PELTRE parts, we recommend using our PELTRE alloy, specially designed for these molds. See our section PEWTER ALLOYS