Tear resistant silicone

Our SILICONE TEAR SILICONE is an innovative product specifically designed to address mold breakage challenges in situations where parts exhibit “hook-like” characteristics. This silicone has been meticulously formulated to provide exceptional abrasion resistance, ensuring long mold life. In addition, its impressive thermal stability means that it maintains its properties intact even under high temperature conditions, which is essential for demanding industrial applications.

One of the most outstanding advantages of our SILICONE DEGREASE is its versatility in the foundry industry, being ideal for working with a wide range of low melting point metals. This includes specific options for different vulcanization temperatures, allowing precise adaptation to the needs of manufacturing processes. Low temperature variants are available, which are ideal for molds vulcanizing between 90º and 120º, as well as options designed to work with metals such as Pewter (160º to 180º) and Zamak (160º to 180º), ensuring optimum compatibility with various materials and working conditions.

For more detailed information about our Tear-Off Silicone, we recommend to visit the complete post dedicated to this product silicone tear-off for centrifugal casting. There, users can explore its features in depth and find useful tips for its correct use, ensuring optimal results in their industrial applications. In short, our SILICONE Tear-Off is the perfect choice for those looking for a reliable, high-performance solution to prevent mold breakage and optimize their manufacturing processes.

The CONIEX Technical Team is at your disposal to advise you about our molds and silicones. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have.