Centrifugal casting solutions

More than 36 years developing efficient and cost-effective products

CONIEX, s.a. has a long experience in the development of solutions and products for the centrifugal casting sector. Our products include silicone molds with high thermal and mechanical resistance, our manual and automatic machinery, a wide range of accessories, as well as training courses to improve our customers’ production processes. We also commercialize high quality metal alloys, such as zamak and pewter.

We are experts in solutions for the centrifugal casting industry.

At CONIEX for more than 35 years we have been working in the foundry industry. centrifugal casting. Our knowledge and vision of the sector allows us to develop our own silicone molds and products adapted to the most demanding needs of each market.

It is in our way of working to share with customers the experience and knowledge acquired in the centrifugal casting process in order to develop joint synergies and to improve their industrial process.

Silicone Blend

The small laboratory blending plant allows us to create tailor-made formulations in quantities of 500gr. to provide valuable solutions to our customers. The flexibility and precision of our instruments provide us with a high degree of control of the mixtures, allowing us to study even the smallest differences.

Silicone Cutting

The vulcanized silicone samples are die-cut in the form of test specimens of standardized dimensions so that they can be studied. Tensile and tear specimens are created for subsequent testing.


In the rheometry test, we introduce the raw silicone and it accurately indicates the vulcanization curve of the elastomer, where we analyze its properties and characteristics during all phases of the process.

Silicone traction

In the tensile tests, the tensile-strain curve can be seen, which indicates the mechanical properties of the silicone. We can study in detail small variations in the properties of the blends and define exactly the needs of our customer's formula.

Test color control

The preparation of specimens for microscopy is essential to control good color dispersion and mixing.

Hardness Silicone

The SHORE-A hardness of the silicone is measured after each batch is manufactured to ensure the stability of our products. It is important for our customers that the hardness of the silicone is the one required for each type of mold and industrial application.

Our technology

CONIEX has its own technology in silicone formulations, the result of years of constant development and research projects. Our technicians and teams are highly specialized in the most demanding applications with the most advanced instrumentation and the support of Universities and Technological Centers.

In ourquality and R+D+ilaboratory,the quality of both raw materials and manufactured products is strictly controlled, complying with the regulations that apply to each product and sector.

Our goal is to create products that serve our customers’ applications and processes to increase their competitiveness and profitability.

Sectors of application

Molds for zamak

The manufacture of Zamak parts requires a range of molds with the best mechanical properties and excellent thermal resistance, which guarantees a long mold life.

Pewter molds

Our range of SILCODISC-PE molds, characterized by their high mechanical resistance to tearing and abrasion, guarantees a very long service life of the molds. They are specially designed and formulated for centrifugal casting of low melting point metal alloys, such as Pewter and other tin alloys.

Molds for resin originals

For the manufacture of molds with resin originals, we manufacture a range that vulcanizes at 90ºC and 120ºC, which allows us to make the first copies without damaging the originals and with low shrinkage.


More than 35 years in the centrifugal casting sector allows us to know all the needs of our customers and to be able to offer the best solutions. In our catalog you will find new machinery of the highest level.

Our alloys

ZAMAK alloys

To guarantee the quality of our customers’ parts, CONIEX supplies the best ZAMAK alloys for centrifugal casting.

PELTRE alloys

To guarantee the quality of our customers’ parts, CONIEX supplies the best PELTRE type tin alloys and others, for centrifugal casting.

Accessories and complements for centrifugal casting




Manufactured from high quality steel for perfect vulcanisation


Essential tools to facilitate the making of the moulds


They have a design and shape that allows a perfect seal during the process.


Teflon rods and silicone cord ideal for hairpieces




It is used as a release agent in the mould vulcanisation process.


We have the material and equipment for work protection


We have a wide range of accessories for centrifugal castings.


For zamak and pewter, specially designed silicone to prevent mould breakage