Spherical and angular stainless steel shot

Shot blasting and shot peening of steel and non-ferrous metals

We supply stainless steel shot for shot blasting and shot peening of non-ferrous metal surfaces. Our abrasive offers a uniform and excellent result, without producing any type of damage or wear on the piece or on the machinery, which makes it a very economically efficient abrasive that allows cost savings.

Stainless steel shot has a lower hardness than carbon steel shot, although high hardness stainless steel shot is also available. It is a shot that keeps the pieces in light and/or bright shades, since it does not contaminate the surface with ferric powders that deteriorate the colors.

Stainless steel shot in spherical or angular shape is available. Both are supplied in bags on pallets and it is recommended to keep them in a dry place, away from humidity and protected from rain.


  • Lower hardness than steel shot.
  • Less machine wear.
  • Less fracture than steel shot, microspheres, ceramics, etc.
  • Surfaces after treatment clear and bright.


Manufactured with cast stainless steel and subjected to strict quality controls that guarantee its resistance and hardness. Its grain shape and compact composition offer high blasting efficiency and reduced equipment wear, which translates into cost savings.

Used for the treatment of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, zinc, stainless steel, brass, bronze, etc.

Some of the most common applications of spherical stainless steel shot are:

  • Finishing of castings and stainless steel forgings.
  • Shot blasting of cast and forged aluminum parts.
  • Non-ferrous metals and die-casting of special alloys: zamak, brass, bronze, non-ferrous alloys.
  • Construction of machinery and boilermaking in stainless steel.
  • Granite, natural stone and precast concrete processing industry

It is a very compact grain abrasive that is supplied in a wide variety of sizes and is used for various treatment processes, among which the most important are:

  • Deburring of stainless steel parts
  • Increase roughness.
  • Satin finishing and shading of parts.
  • Compaction
  • Cleaning and treatment of light alloy parts.
  • Shot peening

It is especially suitable for work with:

  • Automatic turbine shot blasting machines.
  • Portable sandblasters
  • Blast cabinets
  • Shot blasting rooms.

Benefits and advantages

  • Shorter blasting times, which translates into higher productivity.
  • Lighter and shinier looking surfaces.
  • Surfaces free of oxidation and contaminating dusts.
  • Reduced wear of shot blasting and shot blasting machinery.
  • It generates less dust, facilitating visibility, and reduces contamination, which benefits worker health and plant safety.
  • Lower abrasive cost per blasted surface.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Better finishes on treated surfaces (homogeneity, roughness, cleanliness).


Angular stainless steel shot has similar properties and advantages to spherical stainless steel shot:

  • Economically efficient product, as it reduces costs associated with wear and tear of parts and machinery, waste treatment, and consumes less energy.
  • Absence of dust and reduction of environmental pollution.
  • High quality finishes on treated surfaces.
  • Absence of oxidation.
  • Increased durability, which translates into lower shot consumption.

Likewise, the applications and processes carried out with angular shot are very similar to those carried out with spherical shot.

Angular stainless steel abrasive is an alternative to mineral abrasives: sand, glass bead, aluminum oxide, etc., as it offers better finishes on the different surfaces to be treated (steel, special alloys, bronze, aluminum, granite and stone, etc.), while reducing treatment costs and waste generation, especially dust.

Its durability allows for a reduction in blasting and shot blasting costs, as less abrasive is needed, and a reduction in dust and other waste management costs. Thanks to this durability, the processes are more homogeneous and continuous, thus obtaining constant and reproducible roughness values, which guarantee the quality and adhesion of subsequent coatings.

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